Puppy Pre-School

Puppy Preschool held at  PETstock Mandurah 

puppy class 008.JPG

Early Socialization of your pup with puppies,dogs and people, is essential for a happy responsible friendly loving dog.


Puppy Preschool provides the puppies and owner a safe and controlled training enviroment to play and learn.


All adults and children are invited and encouraged to play and interact with the puppies.


During the hour long class, the actions and behaviours of the puppies are explained and owners informed how to encourage or discourage these behaviours.


Puppies are allowed to run and play whilst the owners watch and learn.

Topics Covered

- Understanding Puppy
- How Puppy Learns
- Control Behaviours
- Basic Commands
- Importance of Play Reward
- Seperation Anxiety
- Barking
- Biting & Nipping
- Digging & Chewing
- Toilet Training
- Nutrition Advice
- Grooming Advice